Funny jokes of Jaimito for children

Funny jokes of Jaimito for children

Jaimito is that character in the jokes capable of giving the most ingenious responses and having the most unexpected reactions. He is that hooligan student, irreverent, undisciplined and mischievous, but above all, he is very funny.

On our site we offer you the best short jokes of Jaimito so that you can have a great time with your family. They are very funny jokes, to die of laughter.

- Jaimito, tell me all the verb forms of the verb swim.

And Jaimito says screaming:


And the teacher says:

- Shorter, Jaimito.

And Jaimito answers:

- I dive, you dive ...

The teacher asks Jaimito:
- Jaimito, what would the ideal school be like for you?
- Closed master, closed.

Jaimito says to his father:

- Dad, dad, I have good news and bad news!

- What's good Jaimito?

- Very good son. And the bad?

- That's a lie!

- Jaimito, have you copied from Pedro on the exam?

- No, teacher

- Yes, because Pedro has written 'I don't know' in the third question and you haven't either 'I'

- Jaimito, what planet comes after Mars?

- Wednesday

The math teacher asks Jaimito:

- I don't know miss, if you don't give me more information ...

Jaimito's father wants to give him a lesson and asks him:

- Son, do you know what happens to children who steal money from the elderly?

- Yes, they go to the movies

The teacher asks Jaimito:
- If in this hand I have 8 oranges and in this other 6 oranges. That I have?
- Huge hands, teacher

- Professor, you wouldn't punish me for something I haven't done, right?

- Of course not, Jaimito.

- Great, because I haven't done my homework ...

- Jaimito, what are you doing?

- Nothing.

- And your brother?

- Help me!

Dad, do you remember you offered me a bike if I did well in my exams?

- Yes son.

- Well be happy, you've been lucky, you won't have to buy it for me.

The teacher asks Jaimito:

- Jaimito, who was Juan de Arco?

And Jaimito says:

- A drug addict, teacher.

- But where did you get that from, Jaimito?

And Jaimito answers:

- From the book that says she died of heroin

The teacher asks Jaimito:
- Tell me a word that has many letters O
- Very easy teacher: GOOOOOOOOOL!

The teacher asks Jaimito:
- How does the M sound with the A?
- MA
- Very good. And if you put a check mark on it, how does it sound?
- Matilde.

- Jaimito, which is the cleanest mountain?

- The volcano.
- The volcano?
- Yes, because first it casts ashes and then it washes

- Jaimito, what is telepathy?
- It's a TV set for my mom's sister, teacher

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