Cat mask. Carnival Crafts

Cat mask. Carnival Crafts

Carnival is a very fun time for children. They love to dress up and go out to enjoy the most cheerful and lively party of the year with their friends. We propose you a craft of cat mask for your costume.

With this nice mask that suggests, your child will have an almost complete costume. You just have to find black clothes and make a tail with a piece of fabric that you do not need. A good solution to make a fancy and cheap costume.

  • Black card
  • White cardboard
  • Pink cardstock
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Elastic rubber

1. Cut out the template for the cat's mask. Don't forget to trim the inside of the eyes. You can download the template HERE

2. Mark the outline of the mask on a black card with the help of a pencil. Cut out the silhouette.

3. Cut out the inner elements of the mask: the nose, the nose and the ears.

4. Mark the silhouettes. First place the nose on white cardboard, and on the pink cardboard the nose and the inside of the ears, and cut everything out.

5. Glue the ears and nose onto the black card to match the silhouette. Put your nose in the center of the nose.

6. Make two holes with the help of an awl in the sides of the mask. Pass the rubber band through one of them and tie several knots in the back. Do the same with the other end, so it can be attached.

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