Recreate photos of our childhood. Before and now

Recreate photos of our childhood. Before and now

Who has not ever looked (nostalgically) the photos of when I was a child? Who has not smiled when remembering those corduroy pants with leather patches or that haircut to the 'bowl'? Or in front of that photo of newborns, with a pacifier and a messy lock of hair. Well, now a fashion is imposed: that of recovering our most moving snapshots and posing again, in the same place, in the same way and with the same clothes. An attempt perhaps to cling to that childhood we long for.

Photographs with a diaper, with a brother, on a bicycle ... photographs of an instant, of a moment, of an unrepeatable time. Now hundreds of people have set themselves a challenge: retrieve a snapshot two or three decades later. Fool time. Challenge him. The only requirement, wanting to have fun.

And so we find two brothers who have become famous: Joe and Rich Luxton. Perhaps the forerunners of this new 'Before and Now' fashion. It all started as a gift for his mother. The brothers did not hesitate to meet to replay your favorite photos from when they were children. At the door of his house, with his uncle ... What they did not know is that the photographs would surf the net at breakneck speed and that their tender gift would become a competitor to the famous selfie.

The imagination knows no limits and the new photographers of the 'before and now' seek greater challenges. Would you be able to put your pajamas back on when you were a baby and get a giant trash can? Everything is possible. Professional photographers, aware of the rise of this new fashion, have already published some works imitating these photographs with models. It is not so easy: you have to look for the same frame, the same light and the same scenery. These are snapshots of the Argentine photographer Irina Werning:

Funny, cute, extravagant photos. Anything goes. The objective: take out the child that we carry inside and have fun. And you, what photos would you like to recover?

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