The havoc that lack of routines causes to children ... and parents!

The havoc that lack of routines causes to children ... and parents!

Educating children is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, few are comparable for their intensity, durability and complexity. Parents move in a constant "trial and error", sometimes we are right and many we are wrong.

And, we have to teach children so many things that the learning process is long and laborious. What we do learn soon is that children need routines, from the moment of his birth.

We impose routines for sleep, food, hygiene, but what happens in vacation periods when routines are more lax? Poor habits wreak havoc on children. This is what lack of routines does to children ... and parents!

Routines are fundamental in the life of a child. The first ones they learn are sleep and food and, little by little, they acquire many others necessary for a good coexistence. They have many advantages:

- Routines provide children with security: it helps them gain skills or acquire behavior patterns. A habit can be to brush your teeth after eating, take off your shoes when entering the house, or eat 5 meals a day. It is a way of ordering a child's day to day so that they feel safe and calm.

- Eliminate conflicts at home: by decree law imposed by us, at night, for example, the child takes a shower, then has dinner and finally goes to bed and, unless he is sick or something exceptional happens, that is what will happen every days, without fights or negotiations.

- Helps children to be more independent and responsibles: They acquire habits and, although at the beginning, they must be reminded of them, they will end up assuming them and carrying them out on their own.

Yesterday we were another mom and I watching our children play and they were ... totally unleashed! They went up, down, jumped, shouted, fought, did to bother ... It was an inexhaustible frenzy. We both told each other our experiences and came to the same conclusion: on vacation they behave worse, they are the consequences of the lack of routines for the child.

There are times when following day-to-day routines becomes unfeasible or simply more complicated, it is usually during vacation periods when we go on a trip or simply children have other more relaxed schedules. At those times, the days get longer, the meal hours are relaxed and there are not so many activities. Nevertheless, This lack of routines, although necessary and understandable at times, makes our children a bit crazy and indomitable:

- The change in the sleep pattern influences the quality of sleep, it is more difficult for children to go to sleep, they may even suffer insomnia.

- Children get more angry, they are more irritable.

- They get bored right away.

- They are more protesters and complainers.

- The lack of tasks makes when they have to do one a real drama, it costs them much more to do them.

- More conflicts are created between siblings or even between parents and children.

- The kids are more nervous and restless.

- This display of nerves, anger and protests makes parents lose patience more often than at other times.

That is why, even on vacation, even if we slow down, We must continue imposing a series of routines a day, a discipline, so that, although they are more intense, they do not kill us.

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