Choosing gifts and toys for children

Choosing gifts and toys for children

Children's illusions and expectations on christmas eve with Santa Claus and / or on the Night of the wise men they are not comparable to any other occasion. These moments are unique! These days tstill full of traditions, joys, Christmas meals , parties, exist for us to enjoy something so important and necessary that is the family.

Santa Claus and / or the Three Wise Men, sure they will do their part by bringing the long awaited gift for your children, but parents can help their children choose toys that do not endanger your health. It teaches you how to choose gifts and toys for children this Christmas.

We selected some gift ideas for children as some advice on the care that we all should have. But apart from all that, you can't forget that the best gift a child can receive is attention, affection, and playing with their friends and family. It is no use that Santa Claus or the Magi Bring gifts to children if they don't have someone to share them with.

- Gifts for newborn babies: Clothes will always be welcomed by parents in Christmas. In addition, accessories for the bathroom such as towels or bath baskets and even accessories for feeding the little one such as a highchair, bib or kitchenware sets, will be good gift ideas. Even a diaper cake is an original and very practical option.

- Gifts for the baby up to one year of life: At this stage the baby will enjoy the toys more. However, we can focus on those that will stimulate their learning as walkers, toys that allow to experience and relate cause-effect facts: stacking, hitting, throwing ...

- Gifts for children from 2 to 6 years old: at this age children have great energy, they love to play fresh air and they really enjoy the park. Therefore, toys such as bicycles, balls, buckets, and shovels are ideal for them. Building toys, puzzles, or any other gift to improve manual skills are also suitable.

In any case, we must be aware that when children begin to be aware of Christmas and what it implies, they do not expect to open a gift package and find some shoes (unless they are from their favorite series) or a sweater. Their eyes light up when they see toys and games. In any case, parents can direct and channel these games towards learning and stimulation, in addition to always thinking about the interests of the child and his personality.

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